2011 RRSP Update

Each New Year brings about the return of many annual traditions. The packing away of Christmas decorations, the cleaning up after holiday fun, and the January credit card statement providing full evidence of our holiday cheer in carefully calculated columns.

Another annual ritual is the promise many Canadians make to themselves to get their retirement savings plans back on track or make improvements to existing retirement strategies. We encourage all our clients to use the arrival of 2011 as an opportunity to make a new commitment to their RRSP plans and to their overall financial security.

The core truth in the saying 'The more things change, they more they stay the same' is never more evident than when we look at the tax savings available by investing in RRSPs. Use the Tax Savings Calculator link below to see how much tax you can save by making an RRSP investment before the March 1st, 2011 deadline.

RRSP Tax Savings Calculator

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